Samsung puts the SMART in smartphone with GALAXY 3

People who use a smartphone often come across  a situation where the mobile screen times out while they are reading something on it. . “Samsung smartphone” Galaxy S III solves the problem by making use of the front camera, it is so smart,It sees users when they are reading something on the device and keeps the screen on even if the time out is set for 15 seconds or 30 seconds.Its almost human

samsung galaxy s 111 3 smartphone

The phone so smart, Its samsung

The galaxy 3 is very intuitive, If you are typing a message and then you suddenly  feel that you should be calling the person instead of messaging, you can pick up the phone and hold it near your ears and the
Galaxy S III will understand what you want and dial the number
to which you were sending the message and dial it.

Features at a glance

• 3.2 inch 16M colours full touch (C-type) TFT screen
• Android™ 2.1 with Flash support and Swype text input
• 3 Megapixel Auto Focus camera with Layar Reality Browser
• Social Hub, Android Market™ and Hybrid Widgets

What makes the samsung galaxy s3 smart ?


The Samsung smartphone galaxy S III takes a step towards a future where these devices can open apps in different windows  with reasonable spped and allow people to multitask in a better way.

It has a amazing feature called Pop Up Play that allows users to watch a video in small window while they are working inside some other app

When you click a photograph with SAMSUNG smartphone galaxy III, it asks you to identify the persons in the photograph. One you identify the person it can look into your contacts and do various tasks like allowing  the smartphone to share, if you permit, the photos with people who feature in them. Sharing can be done via email as well as several other modes.

Smart Alert keeps a track of the missed calls or messages. Once you pick up the phone, it vibrates a bit to tell you that there are missed calls and you ought to check them.We suspect that the phone utilizes proximity sensor to offer Smart Alert.

Swype and Write & Go

With the ‘Text at Hyperspeed’ by Swype Technology you can type your text 1.5 times faster than standard normal boring texting method.

AllShare via DLNA

Samsung GALAXY 3 comes with Allshare (via DLNA), in which you can wirelessly connect and share videos, photos, music and more between your phone, TV and PC.Its all connected now

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