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I didn’t realize until recently that  amazon has different stores 2017 launch amazonfor different countries, like  Amazon Canada , Amazon France , Amazon Germany and UK Amazon which all have different gadgets and products which are popular in  their own countries.  But there does seem to be some gadgets and products that are universally popular.

Now AMAZON has launched in Australia

discount gadgets and booksCheck out our list below  for the most popular products  on amazon as a whole or then  check out the  canada amazon and UK Amazon stores for more country individual products.

This best sellers from amazon are filtered for shipping  to Australia

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Google WiFi Router – OnHub AC1900

Google WiFi Router - OnHub AC1900

by TP-Link
Eligible for shipping to Australia
Exclusively for Prime Members
May take an extra 1-2 days to ship.

Kindle Wireless Reading Device (6″ Display, Global Wireless, Latest Generation)

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For about 7 days, I owned both the Kindle 2 and Sony PRS-505 and was able to use and compare them. My intention was to buy and love the Kindle. I only purchased the PRS-505 after owning the Kindle for a few days and finding that it was not suiting my needs. Luckily I found a local store that carried the PRS 505 with a 30 day return policy (same as the Kindle).

I fell out of love with the Kindle because the gray text on gray background was actually quite distracting to me and I could not focus on reading. I found myself constantly changing the angle of the body, changing the font size up and down and the distance away from me. The resolution and reading experience with the PRS 505 was perfect and I loved it. But I was reluctant to return the Kindle because of the dictionary support, search feature, note taking capabilities, ease of turning pages, bookmarking and returning to book location. I found a huge benefit in being able to download book samples from Amazon; I was able to find many books I really would like to purchase and some…not so much. I tried out the free 14 day trial on newspaper downloads, what a great way to get your news- no advertising distractions, easy to navigate and automatically downloaded every day.

After a while though, I started to dislike the plastic body of the Kindle and the plastic creaking sound when turning pages. The WHITE color starting bothering me too. I don’t want a 1″ white border around my reading area. The Sony is much smaller, the reading area is dominant and the body is more solid. Once I got used to it, the navigation was easy too. The actual reading area (screen) is about the same in both readers…Sony might be slightly taller.

My choice to keep the Sony PRS-505 was based on the main purpose of a book reader, which is to read. I don’t need or want regular internet access on my book reader. I am already used to downloading files to my gadgets from my computer, so moving books from the PC to the reader is not a big deal. Now that I have many books downloaded, how often am I going to get a new book?

Either book reader can be used with Calibre software (free, but you can donate) to download daily news feeds (worldwide newspapers) and format documents for your reader. So, I can still get news on the Sony and they have RSS feeds available from the Sony site which I have not downloaded yet. One reason I was hesitant to go with the Sony was because it is not their latest model, so I thought it would be dated. That is not the case, and in fact the newer model, the PRS -700, does not have the screen clarity due to an extra layer of plastic to allow for touch-screen. Not worth the upgrade considering it still does not have dictionary support (but you can search and take notes). I’ll wait until the newest Sony (or Kindle) takes care of some of these drawbacks and for now I am perfectly happy with the Sony PRS-505.

In summary:
Kindle loses points for:
1) text contrast (the deal breaker)
2) creaky, plastic.
3) size. (although if I had not compared it to Sony, it would have been fine)
4) No directory organization for books – no hierarchy. This is minor, because you can save all your books at and load and unload them as you please. You don’t have to have 300 books all downloaded, at all times.
5) charging $30 for an accessory (cover) that is really needed for the product.
6) headphone jack at top of unit? where should the cord go?
7) Amount of time you have to hold the `off’ switch before powers down.

Kindle gets points for:
1. Dictionary support. Great feature.
2. book samples
3. Ease of downloading, and the integration with for shopping.
4. Search. Yea! Awesome feature.
5. Note taking ability.
6. easy free download of classic books.
7. E book pricing is low….most are $10 or less

Sony gets points for:
1. Compact size and sturdy – well made.
2. No frills face, easy to focus on reading only.
3. hierarchy of books, alphabetical sections (e.g. by author A-D).
4. lower overall price, with nice leather cover.
5. headphone jack at bottom of unit.
6. Easy to read, great resolution.

Sony loses points for:
1. The Sony store is cumbersome to navigate, and slow.
2. Fewer book choices. (100K vs 240K)
3. No availability of sample books
4. `100 free classic’ books offer: getting these books downloaded and into e-reader was frustrating – too time consuming, and the books are already free on Amazon. (offer expires 3/31/09).
5. Books cost more – about $2 more, sometimes $3 or $4 more than Amazon.
6. Is charged by USB to PC, not a wall charger. A charger is an extra $30. I don’t think I’ll need one, when am I ever away from a computer…never.


Apple iPod touch 32 GB (3rd Generation) NEWEST MODEL by Apple

Apple iPod touch 32 GB (3rd Generation) NEWEST MODEL

In anticipation of the eventual death of my Olympus M:Robe mp3 player, I purchased the Ipod Touch (3rd gen) yesterday. So far I have found things that I really like about this device and things that I dislike about this device.

What I like: beautiful design; lightweight; relatively easy to set up and use even if, like me, you have never owned an ipod before; energy efficient; nice graphics; passcode lock capability

What I don’t like: I wish that I could multitask ie- have a Safari window open and jet over to another application with the flick of a finger and come back to Safari without having to relaunch Safari. Voice control is not all it’s cracked up to be. You can’t just say a command into the mic. You must push on the headphone remote or hold down the HOME button, wait for Voice Control to pop up and then say your command. The headphone remote is quite useful, but I see no need for Voice Control if you constantly need to push buttons anyway to activate it. While I have only used my Ipod Touch at home so far I have found it difficult to keep a steady wifi signal. I am running my iPod Touch beside my MacBook and my iPod Touch cannot pick up the signal. Finally, Apple offers you the choice of a number of great Backgrounds but you can’t actually use them the way you think you should be able to. Sure you can select the “Wallpaper” you would like, but it will not appear on your Home Screen. Instead it will appear only on the “Unlock” page which you will encounter every time you need to unlock the device

Overall I think that this is a beautiful device and I would probably recommend this product to a friend… with a few words of caution about the aforementioned things that I don’t particularly like about the Touch at the moment

BUY NOW –> Apple iPod touch 32 GB (3rd Generation) NEWEST MODEL

Apple iPod touch 32 GB (3rd Generation) NEWEST MODEL

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