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Yes it is  the future come nearer !!  A  phone? A tablet? Where does the Samsung Galaxy Note actually  fit in?

Smartphone that can do tablet stuff – The Samsung Galaxy Note

Android has set the scene for choice when it comes to gadgets with its free android software available to everyone.  The rend ahs caught on  with the 4-inch Galaxy S for larger handsets for mobiles.

Now big is beautiful again in the mobile world , with HTC and Samsung leading the way and iPhone not far behind with albeit a little smaller version. Right now the flagship Australian Android phones are the 4.6-inch Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the 4.7-inch HTC One X which I’ll review later. whats exciting is that  the Samsung Galaxy Note is receiving Ice Cream Sandwich ( Android 4.0 ) update this spring and with this software upgrade, Galaxy users will see exclusive S Pen optimized applications, enhanced multimedia features and much more.

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Among other features it also has faster performance, Face Unlock, Snapshot, Photo Editor and other exciting features. GALAXY users can also access an exclusive GALAXY Note level in Angry Birds Space the newest Angry Birds game from Rovio Entertainment, along with a special package of 30 challenging levels in “Danger Zone”.

Ice cream sandwich (Android 4.0) Update for samsung galaxy note

This update surely comes in with some futuristic updates like the  Ice Cream Sandwich software update will include innovative shape- and formula-match functions, instant digitization of tables and grids, and knowledge search engines

I dont know how people will take the 5.3-inch Samsung Galaxy Note  with some possibly considering it a a case of an inch too far in relation to size factor, but i surely like having the usability of a tablet with a phone in it , which is not as big as a tablet.

But  the galaxy note has 285ppi(-5%) which is OPTIMAL which is also thoughtful standard built in , as extra glare on mobile devices(vs paper) makes the extra ppi almost useless (except for graphics/Chinese chars). The Galaxy Note is also perfect as a mobile device compatible with standard HD media (most of existing TVs & DVDs). and with its Swype predictive keyboard you can type much faster than iPhone.

The extra screen real estate is really nice for those times you wish you had a tablet at hand, for work or for play. If your budget won’t support both a smartphone and a tablet then the Galaxy Note could be a reasonable compromise. Sure it’s a big smartphone and a small tablet, but I’d say the 5.3-inch display is just the right size for typing with two thumbs when you need to get some work done and don’t have search for that notebook or laptop.

The difference between iPhone and the galaxy note is that, you can see about half more as much text , even more when you hide the virtual keyboard. This makes editing text much easier, as it’s a painful chore on the iPhone. Its definitely much better with the Note’s large screen when reading emails and browsing web pages.

I wouldn’t want to type all my stories  and plus points on the galaxy Note because that would be just showing off, but I’d say this about samsung galaxy note gadget , that  if I spent more time on the road, trying to stay productive in awkward places, I think there’d perhaps  the Samsung Galaxy Note would surely be in my bag or pocket  and make it easier for me.

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