Ripper of a wire lesskeyboards mouse package at $24.99

what a ripper of a deal for a wireless keyboard mouse package  !

You don’t expect o get good cheap stuff at Woolworths, specially when its gadgets !! Here is a photo of the one i got


I just picked up  this keyboard and mouse wireless package for just $24.99 at a special offer reduced $5 ( original price $ 29.99), seriously where can you get a wireless keyboard and mouse for just $24.99 let aloe the original price of $29.99

And Guess what the MK 220 Wireless keyboard and mouse brand is Logitech

Logitech is quality , i know i have used their products.

If you visiting woolworths just grab this and keep it as a spare when you want   to cahnge you current one or  a problem springs up

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