Get a Portable Bluetooth Hands free phone car kit for your car

If you don’t have a car with inbuilt Bluetooth, this is the gadget “Supertooth Buddy Bluetooth” you need to have. Its small, it’s easy to connect to your smartphone or phone with Bluetooth and it just does the job.

the r8 audi with blutooth  wireless carkit

I went o Sydney recently  to visit some  friends,  and  they had later model  Toyota Camry . I was amazed with the inbuilt  Blueooth feature in the car.When a call was received on the mobile phone ,it was automatically routed  to the car stereo speaker   with the call being answered and  voice coming through the car stereo speakers. The driver had nothing to do ,except speak via the inbuilt mic on the car dashboard.

I was  wishing  I had this feature in my older model car  and so  searched google and found  supertooth buddy, that does exactly the same thing , without me having to upgrade my whole car dashboard. The good thing is once i pair this gadget with my smartphone , i can just move it to my other car  whenever i need it  or i am using the other car since its sleek and portable . The supertooth buddy comes  in two parts  one is a clip that is very handy to clip on on many different surfaces and the other one is the Bluetooth gadget  which sticks to the clip via a magnet. The magnet on this gadget is pretty strong and so there was  no problems with the Bluetooth buddy sticking on to the clip.

With the sleek handy design of the clip ,it makes it easy to clip on the Bluetooth superbuddy gadget pretty much anywhere in your car.  Here are some pics i took of the clip , The bluetooth superbuddy and my car

What is bluetooth ?

Bluetooth -ˈbluːtuːθ/

bluetooth for car  DIY

A standard for the short-range wireless interconnection of mobile phones, computers, and other electronic devices.

SuperTooth Buddy Bluetooth v2.1 Hands-free Visor Car Kit

Your need for a blue tooth carkit or handsfree phone kit for your car is easily met with the advances features of supertooth buddy. They are currently many gadget makers like Aerpro, Belkin, Jabra and BSR that also manufacture similar car handsfree bluetooth gadgets. The supertooth Bluetooth buddy boasts a massive 20 hours of talk time and 1000 hours standby. It is incredibly compact and has a sleek and contemporary design. Whats good is it works with any blutooth device And so it doesn’t matter if you got a Iphone or samsung galaxy or any other brand as long as it has bluetooth.


The manufactures are really paying attention to what the customer wants and this can be seen with the attaching mechanism they have provided for your car. They have a special magnet and clip attaching system which makes it easy to adjust and put the bluetooth easily on top off your mirror , Carvisor flap or then just insert it in the air vents if you want

It is easy to pair up with the phone, is easy to use and has a long battery life.

Now only $49.49 (Purchase link)

Handles more than one phone or bluetooth connection

One of the features that show they have thought about everything is the multipoint technology which allow you to pair 2 devices to the Super Tooth buddy at the same time, managing calls from each phone thanks to the inclusion of multipoint technology. This is especially handy when your partner or somebody else usually also drives the same car.


Features of Car bluetooth buddy

· Compatible with all Bluetooth phones

· Multipoint Bluetooth hands-free

· No installation required

· 20 hours talk time and 1000 hours standby

· Lightweight and compact

· Full auto pairing

· Crystal clear sound quality

This gadget is as small and sleek as it needs to be and the dimensions are : 128 x 49 x 13mm , with a Weight of : 399g which makes it easy to handle and place in your car. It’s also got the Bluetooth: 2.1 technology.

If you have come across any similar Bluetooth gadget  for cars , do let us know  did you go with your gadget.

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