Soundbar for 15 Bucks ? Misprint

Crazy !! Yes the prize certainly sounds crazy doesnt it – checked online websites and was amazed at the prices quoted for the same XtremeMac  soundbar on other websites.

XtremeMac Tango bar USB Powered Speaker

So what brand is the soundbar ?

The “soundbar – XtremeMac Tango Bar speaker” is a 10 watt amplified speaker, with a single USB connection for both power and audio, that connects to any Mac computer. Its six-speaker configuration  includes dual dome tweeters, midrange/bass drivers, and passive radiators which  gives you high quality audio.

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You can also connect it to headphones for personal listening and its got a line-in jack for use with MP3 players, and optional sub-out port.

Guess what the apple store price is ?


your iMac or Cinema Display to provide advanced audio

Now check out what this weeks Woolworths brochure price is below!!

soundbar at woolworths

Here is the online Woolworths brochure featuring the specials  for this sound bar

$15 at Woolwoths stores stocking it

For once its the americans who are getting ripped off , grab this special offer at your nearest woolworths store  before stocks run out !!

Features of the tango soundbar
  • 10W amplified USB-powered technology
  • Single USB connection for both power and audio
  • Stereo dome tweeters and midrange drivers for superior audio
  • Dual passive radiators for an extra kick
  • Connections for headphone output, line-in jack, and optional sub-out port
  • Backlit volume control
  • Power from any computer USB or charger USB port
  • Works with both Mac and PC

Even the amazon price suprised me !! Link below


£87.25 & FREE Delivery in the UK. Details

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