Enter the – New Bose SIE2i Sport Headphones

Bose has announced two new pairs of sport headphones that are designed with active people in mind. The new headphones the Bose SIE2 and SIE2i in both are specifically designed for exercise

SIE2i sport headphones

The secure in-ear fit keeps them in while you work out. And they’re built to endure, delivering great sound and the boost you need—rep after rep, and step after step.

New Bose® SIE2 and SIE2i Sport Headphones


WIth sie2i you can adjust volume and change the song with 2 clicks of the middle button, pause with 1 click, and go back with three clicks.

The SIE2 headphones are priced from $119.95, and the SIE2i will be approx $149.95.

  1. Tonally balanced audio with crisp highs and deep low notes

  2. StayHear® ear tips remain in place even during strenuous workouts

  3. Sweat- and weather-resistance using hydrophobic acoustic cloth for workouts indoors and out

  4. Reebok® fitness armband holds your device during exercise

  5. Bose® SIE2 and SIE2i sport headphones

Video AD for SIE2i Sport Headphones



Although secure, the eartips have an open design that might not appeal to everyone

Inline remote and microphone let you control music and take calls hands free. SIE2i model only


The Bose SIE2i earphones deliver rich bass and clean audio performance and is safe at the gym and when running and sweating.

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