Three Types of Prepaid Mobile Plans from Australian Carriers

As of October 2012, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has become the buzziest government body responsible in regulating the country’s mobile communications industry. Recently, the agency has been given special powers in making service provider rules that help reduce bill shock among customers and get rid of questionable content in ads and other promotional media. So, when major carriers claim they have the best prepaid mobile deals that offer longer expiry dates and the most consumer value, these plans assuredly won’t lead to the usual problems postpaid subscribers encounter.

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Generally, owners of a phone or any mobile device, such as a state-of-the-art smartphone or an electronic tablet, are the ones who’ll benefit most from these prepaid packs.

Pay-As-You-Go Prepaid Mobile Plan

Currently, Aussie carriers offer this no-expiry prepaid plan to their mobile phone users as a way preventing bill shock. All their customers have to buy are phone credits, which they use to call or send SMS. They don’t have to pay for a handset or deal with the stress of expecting a monthly bill. For every standard SMS sent, a charge of $0.12 is deducted from the user’s total credits, and a cost of $0.05 is charged for each megabyte of data consumed. Meanwhile, local calls cost $0.15 per minute even though there’s no flagfall added to the total charges. Thus, you only pay for the total minutes you’ve spent on a phone call made to other users within Australia.

Unlimited Pre-Paid SIM Only Plan

Another type of prepaid mobile plan is the SIM-Only pack, which offers unlimited calls to all numbers in Australia including the 13/1800 numbers, unlimited SMS, and 4 gigabytes of data. It costs only $39.90 for every recharge of credits that last for only 30 days. Of course, the credits had to expire and disappear after that period, but they’re also automatically topped off by the system. This is so unlike the credits for the Pay-As-You-Go Plan (PAYG Plan), which the user must manually recharge before using the phone.

This plan requires that users bring their own phones or any mobile device with a slot for the card. If the users don’t have a handset with a slot for the SIM card, then they’ll have to buy a new one. Moreover, the new generation of SIM cards also fit into the built-in slots of current versions of iPhones and iPads. In reality, this plan seems the right choice for mobile users without a home phone, but must make a lot of phone calls and send heavy data for either business or personal purposes.

Pre-Paid Bean Counter Plan

Another mobile phone plan that brings value to the prepaid user is the Bean Counter Plan, which is a combination of the SIM-Only pack and the PAYG Plan. The mobile carrier provides the user with a SIM card that costs only $10 each. Although users also purchase credits to use in calling and text messaging, these only cost $25 and they last 45 days — that is, 15 days more than the usual prepaid plan. Naturally, topping up requires another $25 before the user makes a call to local and national numbers. Users spend at most $200 in a year for this value-laden prepaid plan.

Each call within the territories of Oz costs only $0.10 per minute, which is $0.05 cheaper. However, every time a call is made a flagfall of $0.25 is charged to the user’s account. Moreover, this plan doesn’t allow the use of phone credits in paying for data charges. And so, there’s no way for the mobile user to connect to the Internet through his or her smartphone or handheld tab. Nevertheless, this plan makes the best deal for moderate phone users who make a lot of phone calls locally, and tend to send or receive voice mails rather than emails.

In conclusion, these three types of mobile prepaid plans likely offer the most consumer value for their credits’ net worth, if not the best prepaid mobile deals, to phone and tablet owners in Australia. Two of the major carriers use the Optus network, which connects 97% of the population in the continent, to deliver inexpensive mobile services. Meanwhile, Club Telco members enjoy dedicated mobile services through the Eftel Group’s ADSL network.

Author’s Bio: This article is written for best prepaid mobile deals. With more than six years of writing experience behind him, Glenn Gary Rice provides quality content for Internet companies and likes to write about technology.

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