Microsoft offering Windows 8 for $35.92

Microsoft has entered into a bold plan  to boost their sales In India with the launch of WINDOWS 8 by offering a special price of  Indian rupees Rs 1999 ( $AUD35.92) for its Indian consumers the new windows 8 upgrade version.

windows 8 pro discounted versiondownload

With India being  the second biggest most populated country in the world after china , its one of the biggest markets for software in the world and Microsoft has launched this special price  to lure  many people that are using pirated copies of windows xp and windows 7 to go legit  with the launch of windows 8.

The offer for the Indian consumers is valid till January 31, 2013. An upgrade DVD costs Rs 3,499 ($AUD 62.87) and if you bought a Windows 7 computer after June 2012, an upgrade is yours for Rs 699.

Any machine  that runs WINDOWS XP , WINDOWS VISTA or windows 7 pirated or otherwise will be able to download a licensed copy of Windows 8 Pro for RS 1999  instead of the normal price of RS 11,999($AUD 215.60),  for an 83% discount, No questions asked.

windows 8 upgrade vs full version

Microsoft loses billions of dollars in revenue from pirated copies of software in markets like  china , India, Indonesia and other south east Asian countries with their pirated software being freely available in these local markets  and Microsoft is possibly looking to give windows 8 a big push with this discounted price launch   and at the same time luring people to use legit software.

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