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Next-level footage analysis drives CleverLoop camera security

CleverLoop is a neat, camera-based security system that is packed with features and functionality.

The brains of the CleverLoop system is the Base Station that controls up to four 720p HD indoor or outdoor IP cameras, allows full control of the system from your smartphone, and runs the custom built, learning, video motion analysis algorithms that virtually eliminate false alarms.

There are three main ways that you can use the CleverLoop system to keep an eye on your home or small business.

The simplest is live viewing. Press play on a camera from your smartphone, and you get a live stream from that camera, wherever you are. Using camera viewing software on a PC or Mac, you can also view all your cameras on a monitor as an in-house CCTV system.

Add a USB storage device (thumb drive or portable HD) to the Base Station and you get the recording function of a CCTV system too. You have full control of which cameras are recording when, from your smartphone, wherever you are. CleverLoop also give you multiple options for reviewing footage too. You can view it from either your phone, or any device with a browser that is connected to the local network, without stopping the recording. Of course you can also unplug the storage and watch the footage on any device that can play video files.


The jewel in the CleverLoop crown though is the alerts system. Arm the alerts for any or all the cameras attached to your Base Station, and the video streams get analysed for movement in real time.

  • Any minor movements, plants swaying, shadows changing through the day etc., automatically get filtered out.
  • Major movements get sent straight through to your phone as an alert.
  • Anything that the system knows isn’t major, but is out of the ordinary, is called a movement, and doesn’t generate an alert, but gets flagged on the app on your and you get to decide if it is important, and the system learns what you want to be alerted about.

The beauty of the alert system is that it reduces false alarms to a bare minimum, and minimised the amount of your internet data that gets used by the system.

The video analysis all happens inside your home system, rather than in the cloud, which means only the important footage that generates an alert or movement gets sent to our cloud server (with a backup copy stored locally on a micro-sd card in the Base Station for security).

Once you get an alert, you also get a low resolution, sped up snapshot of what happened. This minimises the amount of your mobile data that gets used when you are out and about, but you also have the option to view the full 10 second of high definition footage if you need a closer look at who or what generated the alert.

As part of the alert system, you get to choose 2 settings, indoor or outdoor, that use different algorithms to filter out pets or other movements, or recognise half a person through a window. You can also set up hot-spots to let you ignore areas in the camera field of view that you don’t want to generate alerts.

When it comes to arming the alert system, you can do it manually, or with time schedules, or you can go the high-tech route and use geofencing. When any mobile controlling the CleverLoop system is inside a set radius of the property, the system disarms itself. Once no controlling devices are inside the geofenced area, the system arms itself.

For full details on how the system works, see their website here.

Setting the whole system up is a snap, with short video clips on the app guiding you through the whole process. The cameras need power to them, and you have the choice of connecting them to data over your WiFi network, or via network cable. If you go down the network cable route (which gets you round patchy WiFi issues) you also have the option of using PoE to power the cameras.

All up it’s a great system that has been put together with a lot of attention to detail, but the best part is that there are no ongoing fees. Once you have bought the system, it’s yours, no more to pay. Find out more at CleverLoop.com.au.

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Security Cameras from Cleverloop

When it comes to arming the alert system, you can do it manually, or with time schedules, or you can go the high-tech route and use geofencing with cleverloop

Jeff Dez
  • Stable security system
  • Reduces false alarms
  • Internet ready
  • Works with IP cameras
  • Pricey
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