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How Does 3D TV Technology Work?

To understand how 3D technology works, it helps to know how our human vision works. Our eyes are about seven centimetres apart, which means each eye sees a different angle of the same scene. The brain takes images from both eyes, merges them and uses the difference between the images to calculate distance, creating a sense of depth. Interestingly, 3D content designed for children takes into account that their eyes are closer together (approximately five centimetres apart).

Getting the 3D effect at home involves tricking the brain into doing similar with the images from a television. A 3D TV displays two separate images of the same scene simultaneously, one intended for each eye. The two full-size images take up the entire screen and appear mixed with one another when viewed without 3D glasses. When they combine in the viewer’s mind, and with the aid of 3D glasses, the two images are perceived as a single 3D image.

There is information related to 3D TV s and the Different brands of 3D TV sets  available int he market and  also information on acessories related to 3D Like 3 D glasses and the options avaialble for them on our website.several options available for acquiring article content.

Some of the major brands  that are now marketing and selling 3DTV ‘s are  SAMSUNG , SONY, TOSHIBA, and LG.

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