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One of the great ways to get information on any product or service is to search the many article websites. These are used by experts in their fields to post articles online – some good and some not so good – which cover just about everything you’re likely to want to know.

3D TV websites and related resources

Here’s a good selection of article directories with quick links to the specific 3D TV sections within them.

3D TV websites reources

Playstation 3 – 3D Gaming

Here find a full list of compatible, 3D-mode enhanced games at Wikipedia, but here’s some highlights from both the Blu-ray disc and PSN download selection:

  • Uncharted 3
  • Wipeout HD
  • Resistance 3
  • Motorstorm (3D Rift and Apocalypse)
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops (but not Modern Warfare 3, curiously
  • 3D movies available on Blu-Ray. Check out the full list at http://www.blu-ray.com/3d/

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GoArticles.com – Billed as the internet’s largest free content article directory
DMOZ – DMOZ is one of the oldest and most respected directories, carrying links to high quality and information rich websites. The 3D TV search returns some interesting results with great reading material.

3D Television

ArticleAlley– Carries an extensive range of3D TV articles.
EzineArticles– One of the best known and original article directories, offering a comprehensive list of 3D TV related articles and guides.

FindArticles.com– Long running and well respected article directory offering a great range of information on all aspects of 3D TV development, technology and products.
Technorati.com– Lets you search blog posts or for website info. Techorati is a hugely valuable information source containing comprehensive3D TV info.
Wikipedia – the internet’s best known information source – carries an in depth 3D TV article that explains the history and technology behind the development of 3D television.
About.com carries an in depth FAQ article which covers all areas of 3D TV development.

3D Channels

As of 2008, 3D programming is broadcast on Japanese cable channel BS 11 approximately four times per day.[15] Sky made a channel called Sky Sports 3D. It started in early 2010. Sky Movies 3D will come out in Autumn.

Cablevision will launch a 3D version of its MSG channel on March 24, 2010, available only to Cablevision subscribers on channel 1300.

The first Australian program broadcast in high-definition 3D was Fox Sports coverage of the soccer game Australia-New Zealand on 24 May, 2010. Also in Australia, the Nine Network and Special Broadcasting Service will be bringing the State of Origin (matches on 26 May, 16 June and 7 July 2010) (Nine) and FIFA World Cup (SBS) in 3D on Channel 40.

In Brazil Rede TV! became the first Terrestrial television to transmit 3D signal freely for all 3D enabled audience on 21 May.

Starting on June 11, 2010 ESPN will launch a new channel dedicated to 3D sports with up to 85 live events a year in 3D.

On 1 January 2010, the world’s first 3D channel, SKY 3D, started broadcasting nationwide in South Korea by Korea Digital Satellite Broadcasting. The channel’s slogan is “World No.1 3D Channel”. This 24/7 channel uses the Side by Side technology at a resolution of 1920x1080i. 3D contents include education, animation, sport, documentary and performances.

A full 24 hour broadcast channel was announced at the 2010 Consumer Electronics show as a joint venture from IMAX, Sony, and the Discovery channel.[26] The intent is to launch the channel in the United States by year end 2010.

Before the release of Avatar in December, nerves must have been high in the AV industry about their upcoming 3D announcements at CES 2010. Sure, there were a number of 3D-related movies on the roster. But while UP,Monsters Versus Aliens and A Christmas Carol were all a successes, they gently rocked the box-office boat rather than setting it on fire.

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