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What is 3D TV ?( and popular 3d TV Brands)

A 3D TV is a television set that employs techniques of 3D presentation, such as stereoscopic capture, multi-view capture, or 2D plus depth, and a 3D display—a special viewing device to project a television program into a realistic three-dimensional field. In simple terms  TV 3D  when watched on your 3D tV will give you a effect as if you were part of the movie and if you see a aeroplane coming towards you , you will really feel it is  coming at you  because of the  3 dimensional effect.3D episodes became moderately popular in the late 1990s when several shows used the technique to attract viewers and increase ratings.

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With these  3d Tv’s Brands you can now bring the 3D experience into your home and actually immerse yourself literally into the midst of the action, be it sports,movies or games.

You will need to wear 3D glasses but no longer are they heavy or unattractive,new sunglass-style 3D active glasses weigh less and are designed to look and feel good. To enjoy your 3DTV experience, put on the glasses and push a button on your remote…it’s that simple.With many 3D sets, you can even convert 2D movies into a 3D experience with the built in real-time 3D converter.

Standard Features Desirable In most 3D Tvs and Brands:

1, High Definition 3D tv ( Ifyou are getting a 3D TV , you might as well get it in HIgh Defintion)

2.LED (3D TV) ( it is not necessary to get a LED technology 3D TV, but givent the clarity and new technologyin new LED TV’s, a LED 3D TV is highly desirable. Read More on — >> Led TV here.

3. 2D to 3D converter –  Given the dearth of 3D media content available due to it being a new technology a 2D to 3D converter on your new TV will be handy  being able to convert regular  TV porgrammin , movies and games inro 3D.

4.USB recording – Many new Television sets now offer usb recording, where you can just stick in a usb drive into the TV usb port and record a TV program onto it  with the help of the inbuilt eletronic programme guide on your TV.

5. Internet or Web access- Most of the New TV’s have now enabled internet or web applications access  which allows you to watch you tube videos  or acess specific online portals like yahoo. Wired , ehow , Big pond movies depending on what  your TV brand provides.

6.3D Glasses –  Most 3D TV providers would provide  atleast 2 pairs of 3D glasses with your TV. Compare prices for extra pair of 3D glasses and how many are included with the TV before you buy your new 3DTV.

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Here are a few of the popular  3D TV sets and popular brands

now currently available in australian markets

1. SAMSUNG PS63C7000 ( samsung 7 Series)

2, SAMSUNG UA55C7000( samsung 7 series)

3. LG  LX 9500 INFINIA


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