The 2017 Dyson sale and offers for vacuums and fans

If you are looking for some good quality fans or coolers and heaters that are sleek then we got a good recommendation for you. Dyson is a well know quality brand that sells in Australia and overseas and has become well known for their quality and unique modern products. They have also started selling vacuum cleaners after their success with sleek and modern cooler+ heater fans without blades.

the dyson australia sale and offer


Today we are doing this post to showcase their products as they currently have a sale on. They are pretty popular in Australia and their prices are a bit steep to due tho their high quality and so a discount is always welcome.

Many may argue that their prices are still now very cheap after discount , but if you like what you see and got the $$ now is the time to buy it.

As you can see from the above pic  sale prices are as below

    1. V6 Slim Origin Handstick is $299 and not $399
    2. DC29 Multi Floor Barrel is $349 and not $399
    3. DC33 MultiFloor Upright is $349 and not $399

the dysom slim vaccum 2017

Check the bigw page over here


 Pros of Dyson vacuums

sale 2017 australia

    • Cord-free vacuums – These vacuums are for  powerful cord-free cleaning around the home. No cord, no hassle. Light and balanced for floor to ceiling cleaning.

    • Transparent  Dust containers  –  Easy to empty and  Clean.  You can see the dust in the transparent  dust containers which are easy to empty. Just empty it and  the vacuum is again as powerful as new
    • Barrel vacuums  – its got them barrel vacuums  like Cyclones that capture more dirt and microscopic dust more than any other cyclones. Technology you won’t find in other barrel vacuums.

dyson in packaging

Dyson V6 Slim OriginGet USD PRICE

Dyson V6 Animal Vacuum CleanerGet USD price


 Cons of Dyson vacuums

  • The price is too high for most people even after sale.
  • Needs time  to charge , so cant use immediately if not charged compared to cord vacuums


New product :

Dyson Robot Vacuum

The 360 Eye robot vacuum has twice the suction of any robot vacuum and intelligently navigates around the room.

Watch video about the 360 Eye robot vacuum


 Different models of Dyson vacuums

There are the V8 and V6  slim hand held models  which are priced according to  the models . The V8 offcourse are the stronger models . These are  the models that i recommend  as they are powerful and light weight  and just charge on their stand ,sitting ready to use.

They are also good because you can use a shortened version of it  for your car or  upholstery


  • Dyson V8 Absolute Cord-Free Stick Vacuum
  • Dyson Ball Animal 2 Upright Vacuum
  • Dyson specification table: power, weight, capacity and reach

dyson forums specs and details

See more specs and detail at the dyson forum here


 The Dyson NO BLADE fan range

The main attractive feature of the fans are no blades – they don’t have blades and so are child friendly and safe

dyson fans

You can check out more products from dyson in their YouTube channel –  and find out  how dyson bladeless fans work here

Summary: The quality is good for these products and so if you have the cash for it, its worth the buy . But if you don’t there are similar products now entering the market, quality will probably not match the price – but will be close and reasonable in compared to these prices. If you just want quality and durability surely go for dyson.

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