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Welcome  to our first feature on App’s or may we say applications. From now on we are going to have a regular feature on new and exciting apps that launch on the smartphone and tablet markets  and will feature reviews on some cool apps.

If you don’t know what AIRBNB does

If you need to – Find a place to stay.Airbnb can do it for you

Rent from people in 34,784 cities and 192 countries


apps for IOS and android airbnb

Airbnb has been release in the Ios apps app market

This is one cool free iPhone application for searching a location to stay, almost anywhere in the world. This app shows a list from the collection that includes Top 40 places to stay like  New York, Life’s A beach, Trees and Zzzs, Eyes on Asia, When in Rome, etc.

Every category features plenty of options to choose from. Each option is listed with the image of the place along with the rent in local currency for each night.

The best place in the world to discover, list, and book unique accommodations globally. More than 10 million nights booked in our network of 192 countries and more than 20,000 cities

You can get more details like description, amenities,view the location on the map and even contact the host or book the place straight away. But while booking, one has to create an Airbnb account or register through an existing facebook account.

There is also an option to search for any  particular place across the world. While we tried to search for accommodations in Sydney, plenty properties appeared that we were unaware about.

They also have a website. A must-have app for travel lovers.

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