Like a shark bottle opener

This week we received  a small little gizmo or can we call it “big boysToys” because more than often it is likely to be used  to open a bottle of beer. The toy is might useful and real tiny  but strong as a sharks bite.

The shark in the key has been unleashed

Its called the “keysharK”  and its a highly engineered, extremelylightweight (1.14 grams) keychain bottle opener.


Keyshark at work on a pure blonde beer

Weighing just 1.14 grams (.04 oz.) KeyShark is the World’s lightest keychain bottle opener and its so simple and refined and light  weight it just fits in  with your bunch of keys without being any extra weight in your pocket and always handy for the bottle of beer.

keyshark bottle opener not keylogger

What is even more amazing is there has been a lot of research put into this small little BEER HELP gizmo with it being fabricated from the highest strength tempered aerospace aluminium using a state of the art water jet cutting process

The design of the opener is such that it puts the pressure on the bottle cap dead center to make it a easy one-pull open every time.

Keyshark is the design of  metal and you can visit them at their website for more details at or just buy this small little gizmo from their website for $4.99

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