USB thumb drives at less than$1 per gigabyte Deals

You Data storage is definitely getting cheaper . when i scanned the BIG W brochure last week i was surprised to see  a 16GB thumb drive  priced at $11 , I haven’t seen this sorta cheap price for a 16 Gb or higher GB USB drive for a while now.

USB Humping Dog wierd uSB Flash drives Australia

Humping dog USB available for $8.90 at amazon

Lexar S50 16GB USB – Orange

I waited for the weekend to go get it from my local BIG W store  , big mistake turns out he deal was more popular  than i imagined and i ended up going to three local big w stores and they all had run out of the 16 GB USB STICK , but there was still heaps of the regular 8gb ($8.28)USB  and $32 GB ($38) drives still hanging on their shelves

Big w Lexar S50 16GB USB Orange

Then i heard a voice suggesting  from my lounge room, “hey why dont you try officeworks”.

Daymm straight , why didn’t  I?

I have got great deals over there before including my WD TV media player. I immediately put in in my ipad browser

Guess What ? – It was $7.97 for a 16 GB USB drive

Yup it was cheaper than BIG W


office works Imation 16GB Colour Flash Drive White

so if you looking for some nice deals on tech products, don’t forget to check out some of the smaller players like these above, rather than just heading to to the regular tech stores like HARVEY NORMAN (Toshiba 16GB USB Flash Drive $24.95)  and BING LEE.

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