Barnes and noble Nook tablet

Barnes & Noble Inc.’s new Nook Tablet ($249) is a solid product and definitely worthy of battling it out with Inc.’s Kindle Fire which is their other tablet version. Like the new Kindle Fire, the Tablet has a 7-inch, touch-sensitive color screen, about half the size of the iPad’s. It’s the same screen as on the Nook Color, the e-reader Barnes & Noble launched a year ago

Specs -Kindle Barnes and noble  Nook Vs kindle Fire

Nook has these features over the Fire:

– Faster processor and more memory for software operations, which means faster Web browsing.

– Longer battery life.

– Twice as much storage space (16 gigabytes)

– Ability to load books from third-party stores like Google Books. On the Kindle, you can only read books from Amazon.

– A microphone.

– A lower price: $199.

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The Kindle Fire and Nook Tablets are available at AMAZON store

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