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We live in an app crazed world. The rise of the Smartphone has been meteoric. There are currently 4.55billion mobile phone users in the world, of which 1.75billion are Smartphone users. Market figures predict that mobile penetration of the market will rise from 61.1% of the world’s population to 69.4% of the population by 2017. Numbers wise that is a 600m person increase. So the app industry is a very lucrative one, predictions suggest that the industry will be worth a $70billion by 2017.

So which apps are going to ride on the crest of the wave with the Smartphone revolution?

Betting Apps

The recent World Cup showed just how big the mobile betting industry was. The 2014 competition in Brazil saw mobile betting increase by 750% from the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. The figures, readily accessible in Britain, showed that 66% of punters used their mobile to bet. Betting companies have well and truly got their feet under the carpet as a legitimate and popular app. Innovation will always be pivotal to success and betting companies have realised this, they have now branched out into social media by providing social media betting, and with the mobile world becoming a much larger place they are only going to improve. With so many betting apps flooding the market it could be in danger of stagnating but the demand is such that it seems unlikely. If you want to download a betting app then use Online Casino Friend Australia to find the one best suited for yourself.

Social Media

Social media and smart phones go hand in hand. The prime example of this is not Facebook but Twitter. The social site has over 500m users, over 80% of these users access the site via the medium of mobile. Without Smartphone’s, Twitter would not be the site it is, in fact it would have struggled considerably to even get off the ground. People may think that the social media marketplace is full now and that there is nothing new that could gain entry, but, remember that Snapchat came from nowhere and is now worth over $2billion. As long as there are smart phones there will be social media sites supplementing their user-base and there will be new, unexpected ones entering the market.


It is a given that mobile games will go from strength to strength. You needn’t look any further than Angry Birds to come to that conclusion – in all, the game has over 2bn downloads. With the price of games being so low they are obviously going to be popular and that will continue to be so. What makes for even better reading for the mobile game manufacturers is companies like NVIDIA who have a processor that can make tablets play games of a higher quality than those found on Xbox 360 and PS3. A smaller size processor could very soon be making its way onto the mobile market and that would be incredible.

The Smartphone is a gold mine and companies are treating like Klondike, they all want to be there for a piece of the action.

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