Are Gaming Keyboards better than desktop keyboards

Choosing a keyboard for your computer  is one task that many people don’t think much about, but there is a lot of technology and research that goes into keyboards.


While gamers prefer mechanical keyboards, as they  normally go for the best  there is for precision and speed in computer games, there is no reason why you could not  go for the same keyboard for your desktop computer.

What is a Mechanical Keyboard?

A high-quality key board using individual spring for each key is called the mechanical keyboard. This kind of keyboard uses the activated springs and key switches. These are different from the traditional keyboards that use rubber dome membrane switches. The product was invented in 1980’s and first sold by IBM. The rubber dome switches overflood the market by 90 percent of the users using it. But the user experience for rubber dome switches keyboards is highly dissatisfying along with a slow typing experience. Mechanical keyboards though a bit expensive, but provides at most satisfaction to the users. Also, the quality bars are raised high for the product. The enhanced features an ease of work makes the mechanical keyboards much better than the traditional ones.

All you need to know about the mechanical keyboards

good mechanical keyboard desltop and gaming

The use of actual, physical switches beneath the keys makes it much special and easier to use. When you press a key the switch down is pressed and sends suitable signals to the system to inform about the action taken. The rubber dome membrane keyboard tends to lose its grace and efficiency of work with time, but this is not the case with mechanical devices in the race. These will work with the same efficiency no matter how old it gets and make you forget to use those traditional keyboards again.

The traditional keyboards use electric circuits beneath to pass the signals but produce sound and affect the way and speed you type in. Whereas the mechanical keyboards are known to provide a better experience to all its customers, along with enhancing the way of typing and increasing speed. The devices are also best considered for gaming as it helps improve the gaming skills of players by giving them more control over their movements.

Where to purchase a mechanical keyboard?

Purchasing a mechanical keyboard can often be a daunting task and something which you’ll want to carry out sufficient research for. LYRTech have an article in which they analyze the best cheap mechanical keyboards on the market. A well-maintained keyboard can last you many year, therefore it’s vital to ensure you get one you’ll be happy with for a long time. They can be purchased online through retail websites or local retail stores.

Advantages of Mechanical Keyboards

1. Longer lifespan

Compared to the common keyboards it offers approximately ten to fifteen times more key presses. Tested for providing longer lifespan it offers up to seventy million key presses. These are long-run devices and need not be replaced repeatedly.

2. Rough and tough

Along with lasting long enough, they are also very hard to wear out. No matter how the device has been the typing still feels the same as on the first day. The issue of keys sticking together, or clattering is solved out with the device.

3. High stability

These are heavier in nature than the other one and hence provide a much more stability. They are not to be shifted very easily and provide high stability both while gaming and typing.

4. Improved typing and gaming experience

Providing the swift key press and far more tweaking options than the rubber keyboard, mechanical keyboards are known to provide an improved and enhanced typing as well as the gaming experience. The switches are optimized to and made in a way to improve your typing and gaming skills.

The mechanical keyboard will always prove the worth of money you invest in it.

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