Incredible machines – Mini scooter Ego Wheel

The new eGo Wheel iGo looks like a mini scooter and also like the small brother of Segway! You  can drive this little segway style scooter  with your balance, charge it within 3 hours and you can ride  an amazing 30km on a single charge!

the new mini Segway scooter

Mini scooter Ego  Wheel amazing gadgets

Mini scooter Ego Wheel


What more , it can fit in any trunk ,does not make  much  noice, has a 0 emission  and no service required.

Its definitely a one wheeler of the future and currently there are giving delivery to any point of Europe!

It will be available at ( problems with website currently) with affordable prices ! very soon !
you can also check them out at  t

Keep tuned for our review on the new samsung galaxy 4

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