Nokia 1020 Yellow Lumnia Phone to launch in us on July 26

Unfortunately Australia launch dates are for the “NOKIA 1020 Lumnia” is not announced for the phone, how ever what is surprising NOKIA doesn’t even have Australia even listed on their launch pages  as a country, even though countries like Burundi and Madagascar are listed  for launch page.

Nokia Lumnia 1020 Australian launch Date : Unknown

If you like to use your phone to take good photos and would like a little bit extra  for taking out photographs then this is the phone you wan to own. The phone uses a process called “oversampling” to combine the pixels of an image into a smaller 5MP version from which it removes unwanted visual noise, thus creating a smaller but clearer picture.

Nokia lumia 1020 review

Standout Feature : 41 megapixel, camera

Nokia lumnia 1020 review price release date

Ref: nokia website (cool gadgets 2013, australia gadgets, electronic spy gadgets)

The “Nokia  1020 Lumnia” is leaps away from its older cousins the “Nokia 720” and “Nokia  808 pure view” . The Lumia 1020 is slightly thinner and lighter than the Lumia 920

What’s good about Nokia Lumnia 1020 Smartphone camera ?

  • Six-lens Carl Zeiss optics
  • Did we already say (41 Megapixel camera)
  • Xenon flash Complemented with a smaller led flash
  • Captures 1080p HD video at a rate of 30 frames per second
  • 1.5GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor
  • 32GB of internal memory
  • Lossless Zoom


What’s bad about  the phone ?

Its got a hump in its design ( wish it was just flat)

Nokia lumia 1020 review

Camera is available in bright yellow, Black and white color.

Ref: nokia website (cool gadgets 2013, australia gadgets, electronic spy gadgets)

The LAUNCH DATE : This Windows Phone 8 device will sell in the U.S. exclusively at AT&T for a not so hefty price to Australians  of USD  $299.99 with two-year contract. Pre-orders begin July 16, with the Lumia 1020 becoming available online and in stores July 26. (The Lumia 1020 will also sell globally.)

Nokia suggests the Lumia 1020 “reinvents” the way smartphones handle zoom. If you want more on the science of oversampling, check out Nokia’s whitepaper on the Lumia 1020, and specifically page 6

Competitors to the NOKIA 1020  phone


Samsung’s 16-megapixel Galaxy S4 Zoom smartphone camera

The New iPhone to be launched

The Note 3 from Samsung

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