Amazing Gadgets – Top 5 Retro handphone gadgets

Retro is cool for some  and this collection of sixties or 70’s style phones will surely give some punters some novelty value  and a good banter producing gadget for your lounge . Below is a collection of some  ubercool retro phones  that also has some amazing modern functions built in.

Back to the future  with retro gadgets

retro smartphones classic phone modern version

Sagecom Sixty Retro Direct Home cordless Touch pad Phone BLACK+ANSWERING MACHINE

Our retro gadgets feature begins with sage com  which gets pretty close to a old classic looking phone in black color.


Its available at for AU $109.50. whats cool in this  gadget is its cordless and got touchScreen Navigation, Remote Access and built in answering machine.


Swiss voice Retro dect Handset Landline Telephone – White

Swissvoice dect Handset Landline Telephone - White

The special features in this retro phone is  it has , Clock and appointments and its Ringer and loudspeaker volume is  adjustable (5 levels each). Its priced  at  $80.12 on amazon & FREE Shipping.

Swissvoice ePure telephone

Inner photo of (Swiss voice ) handset  

The Swissvoice ePure telephone cleverly combines a comfortable design from the past with the technology of the future.

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Old with new – Pyle PRT35I Retro Home Telephone with Charger for iPhone/iPod


Pyle PRT35I Retro Home Telephone with Charger for iPhoneiPod

This retro phone is literally retro made up of wood  and also features the new with a ipod charger built in . Its retailing on amazon at $89.99. This phone is real retro with Handcrafted Real Wood Base With Brushed Copper Parts – Ringer High/Low Selection

It goes well with modern gadgets and is compatible With All 3.5mm Jack Mobile Phones And Computers, Including iPhone, Blackberry, iPad And Latest MacBooks

Retro Telephone Bluetooth Headset with bluetooth charger


This Geeky Gadget comes with its own retro telephone headset that can be used to make and receive calls up to 30 feet away.  Talk on your phone while its charging or even in another room and surely will make a great base unit

Retro Telephone Bluetooth Headset with bluetooth charger

if you want one they are available for $72 each from Etsy.

YELLOW taxi phone

Ride anyone , taxi anyone  this  taxi retro phone does the job if you getting taxi blues

yellow taxi phone

Shoe slap phones

Get slapped by your shoes  with this (not retro ) but weird an wacky  shoes phones.  Another  way to sneak a call in while looking pretty

colourful shoe phones

Book mark  us now to get the most of your  wacky ,wierd  and retro gadgets dose.

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