Ipod touch and Nano get a redesign

The stable of apple Ipod touch , and Nano has got a facelift  with the new ipod touch 2012 and nano looking sleekier and trendier with features to match. My only real gripe about the iPod touch may be the price is a bit  outrageous — especially in an age where the aforementioned point-and-shoots are still around the same price

apple Ipad touch and Nano

The New Ipod Touch 2012 -Completely redesigned. ($A 329 RRP)

New ultrathin look

Fun new colours

Stunning 4-inch Retina displa

Amazing 5-megapixel iSight camera.


New Ipod Nano 2012 New features ( $A169 RRP)

Its the thinnest iPod so far

2.5-inch Multi-Touch screen

Built-in Bluetooth ( making it wireless)

Incredible  new Apple Ear Pods

iPod shuffle

Redesigned Ipod shuffle  –  A$55 RRP

Free engraving-  if you Shop in the Apple Online Store  you can also add a personal laser-engraved message to any iPod.

Inn addition to the  new ipod touch 2012,  Apple has also released the new IOS6  which has many advanced additional features  to connect your apple devices even better ,with some drawbacks like them not showing any love to you tube which everyone likes to watch on their apple devices

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