Choosing the Ideal Mobile Phone Provider

People don’t walk or run around naked, unless it’s a nude beach where people can walk around freely and swim in their birthday suit. However, a lot of people feel that they’re naked when they don’t have their mobile phones with them.

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With our dependence on these gadgets, it’s almost impossible for some to leave their home without their trusty phone. Considering the many ways we can make use of our today’s smartphones — from sending and receiving text messages, to making and taking calls, to browsing the web, to listening to music and even taking and playing videos — the necessity of having a phone in tow is almost like wearing clothes for many people.

Along with the proliferation of various models of mobile phones is the heating up of the competition among mobile phone providers. So the question now is not only which phone model to get, but also which mobile phone provider to get.
Here are some of the criteria you can use to choose the best mobile provider for you:

Phone plans – There are many plans to choose from, and it’s quite challenging to pick which plan is ideal for you. All providers will offer every conceivable promo to get you to sign up, from unlimited SMS to free voice calls at certain times. As a consumer, your yardstick for choosing the right plan is if it meets your specific needs.

For example, you don’t have to get a plan that offers low mobile browsing fees when you use your phone primarily for sending and receiving text messages and making a few calls every now and then check for some good mobile phone plans here.

Features – Phone makers will always find ways to beat the competition by coming up with new models each year, sometimes even just after a few months, and loading it with the coolest features and all the bells and whistles. Some have even combined the features of a tablet and a phone. If you’re not exactly the techie type and use only the most basic phone features, you don’t have to shell out extra cash every month to pay for the latest model.

Fees – Some people get shocked and almost faint when they get their bill at the end of a billing period. Some mobile providers don’t tell their customers about certain fees the minute they sign up, which brought about the term ‘hidden fees.’ If you travel to other countries and use your provider’s roaming service, you could end up pulling your hair once you see your bill with all the fees listed there. Before signing up with a provider, make sure you ask them all the fees you need to pay for on top of your usage or credit limit so you can have a general idea of the amount you have to deal with at the end of your billing period.
Choosing the best mobile provider — whether you’re getting a phone for personal use, for your business, or both — can spell the difference between enjoying their service and being at your wits’ end when you see your phone bill.
Author’s bio: Dave Carter is an independent consultant for small businesses. His expertise in consumer electronics is backed up by 12 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. A techie at heart, he’s up to speed with the latest releases and innovations in consumer technology, sharing his insights in language ordinary users can understand. If you’re looking to get the best mobile plan deal, you can find the best mobile phone plans here.

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