PS 3 RED limited edition in Australia soon

Expect the New limited edition RED Sony Playstation 3 soon in Australia later this month.

sony limited edition red ps 3 australia

Sony is launching a new PS 3 Limited edition which will be released  in stylish red colour edition with matching red colour controllers. This RED ps3 with matching red color controllers will come with a 320 gb console and  will cost AUD $459.95 at Sony retailers and stores

Specifications for RED playstation3

• 320GB HDD
• 2 USB ports
• WiFi
• LAN Port
• Bluetooth 2.0
• AV-Out
• Digital Output

sony red playstaation 3 ltd edition

Some of the features RED PS3

Breathtaking games, incredible High Definition Blu-ray Disc movies, easy access to your favourite music, photos and the Internet – all under your control

Break free of TV schedule shackles – record and watch your favourite programmes whenever you want.


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