HP Spectre vs Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook

Many techno junkies are currently scratching their heads within the Ultra Notebook community: In other words, there seems to be a huge price jump in the pricing of the HP Spectre with very similar specifications, as opposed to the Dell XPS 13. So what gives? Persons used to comparing oranges to oranges seem to be drawing similar conclusions as to the exorbitant price difference between the two popular ultra books.

It appears many think the HP Spectre’s Gorilla glass has something to do with the noticeably huge difference in overall price. Gorilla glass is glass tempered in such a way it is nearly indestructible. Ask anyone with a Droid and they assuredly will know all about the allure of this type of glass. It is generally more expensive than other glass-types; and try as you may, it is also virtually indestructible.

HP Spectre vsDell xps 13 models

Comparison HP Spectre and the Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook

Comparing apples to apples; HP Spectre possesses 128 HDD; Dell XPS 13 also possesses 128 HDD. The HP Spectre is equipped with the same graphics as the Dell XPS 13: Intel 300. The two high-tech brands also have the same Windows 7 Interface. In fact, following the specifications of each brand; it is clear they have about the same capacities. It is easy to conclude and see why most believe it is the HP Spectre’s panel that is demanding the $400 price difference.

The HP Spectre comes in with a base sticker of $1600; while its rival, the Dell XPS 13 is priced at $1200. However, that said, HP coupons may give the consumer a small price break, if he or she chooses the Spectre as his or her preferred choice in an ultra notebook. You can find the coupons tied to HP promotions on various forums and sites selling the the HP Spectre.

Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook specs and review

Specs of Spectre and Xps13

The consumptive audience then is in agreement on most of the forums that there is little difference in way of specifications when comparing the two ultra notebooks head-to-head. However, the few differences provide an easy "tell all" why HP may be again asking for the higher price tag.

The LCD screen of the HP is the main reason if not the only reason. Neck-to-neck, the HP Spectre offers the ultra notebook enthusiast a very nice 1600 x 900 panel which reviewers seem to like a lot. Although, Dell’s screen quality is good; it still is not the same quality as the HP Spectre’s. Dell’s panel is 1366 x 768. Also, reviewers boast about the audio on the HP; however, Dell proponents attest to the fact that from a comparison standpoint: Dell’s audio is just as exemplary as the Spectre’s.

The adapter on the HP is a bit smaller than Dell’s adapter which is considered a plus, and users report that the HP Spectre’s battery life is better than Dell’s. Dell’s offering has a battery life of 4 hours and 7 minutes on the video battery test, while HP’s offering is 5 hours and 15 minutes for the same test. The preceding characteristics may explain some of the price difference. However, others say: Dell is not as weighty as the HP and is more like an ultra notebook, precisely for the reason just stated.

In conclusion, when comparing apples to apples, it appears the price difference is due to the spectacular HP panel, and extra battery life. As far as making a purchasing decision, it is up which is most important. Dell’s EXP is $400 cheaper, and a little lighter. If cost is what is more important, then go with the Dell. If you want a better screen, and more time unplugged from the wall, and cost isn’t an issue, go with the HP Spectre.

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