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Yes they do sound similar to  big brands like HARVEY NORMAN and JB HI – FI , but we are not related.   This is just a  another blog giving you reviews and news  on the latest australian gadgets  and gizmos scene .

Watch out as we release the  biggest and best reviews on the latest gizmos in australia or to arrive soon in australia.

About Narvey Horman :

Narvey Horman is a large Australian-based reviewer of electrical, computer, furniture, entertainment and bedding goods. It is effectively a blog and the main brand owned by Narvey Horman

Baby Hi-Fi

Baby Hi – Fi, has diversified its business from predominantly music CDs, and are now a majorreviews for for Plasma and LCD televisions, audio/visual, digital camera photography, portable audio, in-car entertainment, computer/video games, DVD movies, gadgets and information technology.

So hold on while we  establish our blog and update you with the wacky and weird reviews of your favourite gadgets and gizmos of australia

Thank You

Narvey Horman

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The call me the G-man.. Yeah thats rightthe G -man I am not a Guru, Jedi, Rock Star or a Ninja. I'm just a guy that knows an awful lot about a bunch of stuff and I'm not afraid to tell it like it is.
My stuff is really good. It's different. I think you'll like it. You should really check it out. You might actually learn something...if not, maybe you can teach me something.
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