My review of “TomTom XXL 540” in Australia

I have been putting  off buying a GPS Unit for quite some time  as i am a bit old fashioned  and  used to looking up maps the old fashioned way. But  i succumbed at last  to new technology when i wet to visit my cuzins in sydney and got to see first hand how useful a GPS ( TomTom XXL 540) could be  , with camera warnings  and all.

After much research i settled for the “

TomTom XXL 540

tom tom xxl 540  s australia

TomTom XXL 540T (Lifetime Traffic Edition) 5-Inch Widescreen Portable GPS Navigator

If you’re a believer in the mantra “size matters” then TomTom’s XXL 540 may just hit the sweet spot. It’s kitted out with the GPS market’s surprise hit of the 2009/2010: a large screen. In this instance, the TomTom has gifted the XXL 540 with a 5-inch screen. Many thanks to the unit’s round corners, curved edges and relative thinness it’s not necessarily as visually imposing as the 5.2-inch Garmin Nuvi 5000 or 5-inch Uniden Trax 5000.

The XXL 540S provides TomTom’s usual impressive navigation features, and adds a roomy 5-inch screen.

Like other current generation TomTom units, the menus have been given a subtle lick of paint, with a bit of anti-aliasing here, a shadow and gradient fill there. Provided that it sports the same 480×272 resolution as TomTom’s 4.3-inch models, the XXL 540 isn’t as sharp or as smooth as it could be. Tapping the map screen’s info boxes gives drivers easy access to two frequently used functions: volume and route overview.

TomTom XXL 540T (Lifetime Traffic Edition) 5-Inch Widescreen Portable GPS Navigator


Start-up time is very brisk, clocking in at three-and-a-bit seconds. GPS positioning is accurate in the suburbs and out of town, but is the usual lucky dip in the CBD — some days it’ll track you true and proper, on others it’ll occasionally place you a few streets across from where you actually are. As the XXL 540 has no dead reckoning smarts, you’re pretty much on your own when you venture into a tunnel.

DICK SMITH is offering the very new arrived TOMTOM XXL 540 for only $347,In America they are only $269 US dollars, are we being ripped or what.!!! Conversion $297 Oz dollars as of today.The TomTom XXL 540 S improves on the TomTom XL line by maintaining the features we love while improving screen visibility; however the bigger size comes with compromised portability . You can check this out  the  TOMTOM XXL 540 at  Amazon for just $119.95 USD HERE

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