“How to hack a ATM”

This in not a tutorial on how to hack a ATM , but just an article on  the demo  that jack gave at a security conference where he actually hacked a real ATM on stage to display the vulnerbilities in that atm

Yes that’s right  !! Jack, speaking at the “Black Hat Security Conference in Las Vegas” , was able to hack ATMs using a $10 master key available online

Your money: May not be as safe as you think. Security expert Barnaby Jack showed off three different ways to hack an ATM last week, including one particularly flashy method that left the machine playing music and spitting out twenties.he had brought on stage both physically.

Barnaby jacks ATM DIY HACKS at DEFCON

He was also able to hack it remotely, so long as he knew the machine’s phone number or IP address. The second method allowed him to gain access to previous users’ stored PINs.

Patches have already been developed the systems, built by ATM-makers Triton and and Tranax, Jack said. Triton patched the issue in November 2009, said Bob Douglas, Triton’s vice president of engineering.

Here is the video Demonstration to hack ATM showed at the DEFCON Security conference

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Exploiting bugs in two different ATM machines, the researcher from IOActive was able to get them to spit out money on demand and record sensitive data from the cards of people who used them. He showed the attacks on two systems he had purchased himself — the type of generic ATM machines typically found in bars and convenience stores.


Here is another video showing the “ATM HACK” and the ATM’s playing music and spitting out money

( Video not showing –> : url here :  )

Criminals have been hitting this type of machine for years, using “ATM skimmers” “to record card data and PIN numbers, or in some cases simply pulling up a truck and hauling the machines away.

Tranax has had security problems before. In 2006, CNN reported that a Virginia Beach, Virginia, criminal used a keypad code to reprogram a Tranax machine into thinking it was dispensing $5 bills. Then, using an anonymous prepaid debit card, he withdrew $20 bills, but was only debited for one-quarter of the money he took. A manual showing how to do this, was reportedly available on the web.

Jack had planned to deliver the talk at last year’s conference, but it was pulled after ATM vendors asked for more time to patch the issues he’d discovered.

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