Are 3d tv’s harmful to Eyes and health ?

Most 3d tvs come with a warning  that continuous watching of 3d tv can cause  dizziness , nausea etc . The frenzy has started!! With the availability of 3D television, the world is a-buzz with the idea of this life-changing technology.

At the CES show in Las Vegas last January, all anybody could talk about were the new 3D televisions that were being exhibited by Samsung, Sony, Toshiba and any other company that had anything to do with LCD technology.

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3D Tv warnings for health

I was as blown away by Avatar 3D as anybody else; after being turned away from my local theatre twice because of crowds, I finally got into a showing and had the time of my life watching aliens zoom around the screen in 3D and  It’s really  cool.

3D programming is scarce. It will take years for the technology to be adopted by broadcaster and cable channels, if it is at all.

SAMSUNGS 3D TV viewing warning

Photosensitive Seizure Warning and Other Health Risks

3d  tv harmful to eyes and health

  • Some viewers may experience an epileptic seizure or stroke when exposed to certain flashing images or lights contained in certain television pictures or video games. If you or any of your family has a history of epilepsy or stroke, please consult with a medical specialist before using the 3D function.
  • Watching TV while wearing 3D Active Glasses for an extended period of time may cause headaches or fatigue. If you experience a headache, fatigue or dizziness, stop watching TV and rest.

The market for 3D televisions is still very young, but the availability of 3D content is expected to drive sales upward in the coming months and years. Samsung’s competitors in the 3D market include Sony and Panasonic. Analysts expect that the annual growth rate of consumer spending on 3D technology will rise about 80% this year. Perhaps Samsung’s warnings are a pre-emptive strike against possible lawsuits from people who try to get too much of a good thing

Virtual Reality expert Mark Pesce claims that constant exposure to 3D TV can be harmful to the brain Mark says that even though 3D TV is touted as the ‘in’ thing today, none of the TV manufacturers have done any health testing on it. He adds that while a few hours every few weeks of 3D watching may not cause too much harm, watching it daily, especially with a few channels like Discovery announcing 3D broadcasts in the next few months, could cause permanent impairment in kids.

See a video of Mark discussing 3D here.

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