Why iPad Betting is a Better Bet

An iPad betting app is not just a novel way for gaming operators to reach a new demographic, but a way for savvy punters to make even more money. Before we look at the reasons why mobile sports betting on your iPad is a good idea, let’s run through the technical aspects of using these platforms.

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Knowing how much data you’re using whilst playing online is crucial, especially if you’re connected via a mobile data plan. Fortunately, mobile bookmakers such as Unibet have relatively small data requirements. In fact, using an iPad betting app will consume around 10KB of data per minute. This means that if you were to spend three hours online you’d use around 1.25MB of data. Compared to a monthly allowance, this is an extremely small figure which means you can gamble safe in the knowledge that you aren’t costing yourself money by anteing up through your iPad.

Mobile and smart devices like Ipad and smartphones have brought the latest technology, to having  a last minute punt of  popular Sporting events  like the Melbourne Horse Racing Cup and the Cricket Ashes Series 

So, now you know that data usage won’t cost you a fortune, what aspects of the platform are conducive to helping you make more money:

Efficiency – Ease of access is a major part of mobile sports betting’s appeal. Because it’s possible to fit an international bookmaker into the palm of your hand, the process of finding a game and anteing up is a lot less stressful, which, as you know, means you’ll be a more relaxed and, thus, profitable grinder.

Bonuses – One of the best ways to make money by playing on a US iPad poker site is through bonus offers. Because the top operators are keen to push people onto their mobile platforms it means there’s more free cash on offer. Thus, if you’re considering playing poker on your iPad, make sure you choose a site with the best welcome rewards.

Timing: Speed is the key to making more money in the sports betting world and by having instant access to the day’s top fixtures, you can obtain the best value possible. Changing conditions mean that the odds of an event can change in the blink of an eye, so it pays to have a direct link to the market. Carrying your computer around with you all day is impossible, so to bridge this gap you need to use an iPad betting app. Staying on top of the odds will give you more chance to increase your expectation in all situations.

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