Ipad 3 / The new ipad Review

Lets do a short review on the ipad 3 ..oops its not the ipad 3 but the “the new ipad”. Wonder what’s going at apple but many a person is baffled about the new ipad name or no name so to speak.

Ipad Mini is the newer ipad

Could be Apple has new “mini ipad” in the offing  and so it could be called ipad 3  and so the current one is “the new ipad”.

ipad mini or ipad 3 or ipad 4

CaseCrown Bold Standby Case for Apple iPad 2 / iPad 3 / The new iPad – Black


Irrespective “the new Ipad” comes with the obligatory new features like

a magnificent retina display  that makes thing sharper  and better looking

a chipset that really fast with quad core graphics

5 megapixel photo and HD video

Takes dictation ( makes text to words)


It is a little bit disappointing that the new ipad is thicker and heavier than the last one .

Prices Ipad 3 ( the New ipad 2012) US vs Australia

16 GB  – USD$499  AUD$539

32 GB  –  USD$599  AUD$649

64 GB – USD$699  AUD$759

4G-ready 64GB model  sells for $USD $829

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