Vodafone Just made Getting Pre-paid Cool

Vodafone has just launched its new pre=paid plan called “ ALL TIME  PREPAID” and its creating a stir among all its rival  for its value for money. The Mobile pre-paid sector is now also hotting up with good deals.

The new vodafone  All time pre-paid plan

vodafone all time pre paid plan infinite plan

The new “vodafone All time pre-paid” promises that you will  never be without TXT or calls again with selected infinite inclusions that last the life of your 30 day recharge. This new Vodafone All-time Prepaid recharge replicates the most popular features of Vodafone’s Infinite contract plans which give customers infinite, calls and TXT in Australia as well as social networking


Vodafone just announced  their new prepaid recharge plan recently, the Vodafone All-Time prepaid which brings unlimited calling and messaging to its prepaid customers.

Some of the features that stand out for this Vodafone plan

  • You get Infinite TXT anytime to any personal mobiles in Australia
  • You get Infinite call options depending on your recharge amount
  • You get Infinite mobile access to Facebook®, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn and foursquare

lady gaga at monster event sponsor vodafone vodaphone

Vodafone All-Time Prepaid was part of the Lady gaga event at sydney  Monster hall

All credit and inclusions expire at 30 days or upon next recharge.

The new Vodafone All-time range is available in stores nationally and online at www.vodafone.com.au/prepaid

Vodafone is one of the world’s largest mobile telecommunications company and has its headquarters based in London. It has its networks in 30 countries and owns 45% of Verizon wireless in the USA. It has offered unlimited calling and texting plans for its customers since last year in Australia

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